Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Can I get a "Mama"? Finally, the answer is yes! Edie now says Mama and Dada not just in random moments of babble, but while pointing at the correct person. Today while Jeff was working in his office upstairs, Edie pointed at the closed door to the stairs in the direction of his office and said, "Dada?" She also saw me from across the room two days ago, smiled and said, "Mama" in this uncharacteristically soft and sweet voice.

Of course before this, she mastered the word "tights", which is apparently far more important than... you know... the people who clothe and feed you! Jeff was putting some black tights on her (funny picture coming soon of her wearing them and nothing else - resembling a Mexican wrestler) for the first time last week and said something about her tights, to which she looked at him and just said, "Tats" as if learning every word was that simple. Now when she sees her tights on the floor, she picks them up and says "tite... tats... tite..." over and over. Another word in the works is "boot", which currently goes a little something like "booooo" while pointing at my tan, knee high boots or her rain boots. Shoes have become a major source of fascination for her (as you will see soon in a short video) so boots are VERY interesting - giant shoes!

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