Friday, July 22, 2016

Tooth Fairy

Edie lost her second tooth yesterday. I picked her up from camp and she was holding her mouth wide open for me to see as I approached the check-out table to sign her out for the day. The tooth had been loose for ages, and she bit down too hard while getting out of the pool at camp and out it went. She wrapped it in a paper towel and then wrapped THAT in her towel and, baby teeth are ridiculously tiny. We had a hard time finding it for a minute, despite being still in the paper towel.

She wanted to know how the tooth fairy gets into her room at night. She got down on her floor and measured the crack under her door and the key hole to see which was bigger. She left a note (more like a form really) challenging the fairy to answer some key questions about her existence. It requested her height, length (wings), age, and a picture of her. She drew boxes for each of the answers to be written in.

As you can imagine, this added some stress to the already terrifying experience of sneaking into your kid's room without waking them up in order to exchange jingling change for a tiny, hard to find tooth in a pillow. Eventually, we settled on this - Jeff would compose some riddles to answer her questions and I would write them in tiny scrawl inside the boxes. In the picture category, the fairy replied, "Fairy's done have cameras!"  and FYI in case you were wondering, tooth fairies are "taller than a blade of grass but smaller than a tree"

Regardless, I'm getting closer and closer to thinking I can't keep up this charade for another 10 teeth. I definitely grew at least one more grey hair last night when I opened her door at 11pm, the door making a loud, old door noise and I heard her regular, deep breathing stop and she rolled over to face me in the door frame. GAH! I had to abort the mission and try again 30 minutes later due to stress. It was touch and go, but eventually we were successful.

Yesterday at camp pick-up with one of her best friends Julia. And her tooth:


Anonymous said...

I got all stressed out just reading this account of Edie's interrogation of the Tooth Fairy! Beth Sherry

Blythe said...

Yay Edie! Tell her that Penny lost some of a tooth this week too, but sadly it was a chip out of an adult one right in the top middle. The accident involved a babysitter, blanket fort, and ceramic bowl. We have mixed feelings in our house about the tooth fairy because she forgets to come half the time. Penny gets angsty about it an just wants money for calico critters.