Friday, December 16, 2016

Xmas 2015

SOOO.... It's official. I've forsaken the blog. Uploading photos to Blogger has become a chore and I've started using Instagram more and more as a way to post photos. As evidence of how behind the blog has gotten, I found this draft post from earlier this year. It's pictures from LAST CHRISTMAS. I clearly got tired uploading photos and quit when I got to Christmas Eve. So this post doesn't even include actual photos of Christmas. You'll just have to trust me that it was lovely.

And we are looking forward to the next two weeks as well. We have fun plans for tonight, then we are driving to Seattle for Jeff's grandmother's 100th BIRTHDAY tomorrow. Then 2 weeks of Winter Break for Edie. I've signed her up for Ice Skating Camp with some friends, we will bake and decorate cookies, wrap presents and finish the second Harry Potter book. We will watch Elf, have early Christmas with my family, and host main course for the Progressive Dinner. We will do Christmas take 2 with Jeff's family, Jeff will turn another year older and then I begin work on losing the 10 pounds I will have gained, just in time for our family trip to Hawaii the last week of January. Should be easy peasy. I'm honestly not sure whether I'm more excited for Christmas or Hawaii. It's a bit of a toss up.

So here are some year old photos of our winter break LAST YEAR. I know you've been waiting:

Friday night movie night now includes friends. Kicking off the winter break was Polar Express with 2 of her pals from class.
Seeing the ballet performance "Winter White" at Mount Baker Theater. Sorry for the old lady photo bomb in the back.
Decorating our first tree in this house!
Should have gone taller - we under estimated our new ceiling height.
Making gingerbread houses with all her cousins and second cousins at Cousin Amy Sue's house (which happens to be down the street from us):
A Seattle playdate with Shreya:
And her little sister Simmi:

Family tradition that we started about 3 years ago of making and decorating sugar cookies for the holidays. Here she is with all her various colors of icing:
Eating her holly cookie:
We hosted the Culver Cousins' Christmas this year and here are all the littles in the basement watching movies:
Her cousin Sophie spent the night after the party:
We ice skated:
With friends:
We hosted the 1st course for my family's Progressive Dinner. Kristin was my co-host
Edie and I in our Christmas crowns at my parents house on Christmas Eve:


Tib said...
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Tib said...

I know the feeling. It gets exhausting keeping up a blog, and you have way more activities going on than I do. ;)

Looks like you had a great holiday season last year, hopefully this one is filled with just as much joy!

xoxo Tirz

Auto Correct kept trying to spell my name Tire.

lindsey. said...

This was a fun surprise! Merry Christmas, Culvers!

sandralbruton said...

I was so relieved to not be that old lady photo bombing!...sure do love the plaid E is wearing in the photo xo