Thursday, February 11, 2016

Palm Springs - last day

On our last day in Palm Springs, we had to check out of our house and kill time until our evening flight home. We went on a nature walk outside of town and then had an adventure and drove to Pioneer Town, this weird western town about an hour outside of Palm Springs where you can pretend to be cowgirls, pet sheep and generally take random photos in mine carts. You know, the usual stuff.

(missing Katherine who had an injured foot and couldn't do the nature walk)

Then we dropped Katherine at her car so she could do the long drive home to LA, and we headed to the airport to return the minivan and fly home together. 

I've written this post while listening to the "Adele Radio Station" blasting on the Sonos in our house and now I'm feeling all weepy and missing my friends. Clearly time to go eat a cookie!
Maybe next time I'll share some Christmas photos with you, because, you know. Isn't Valentines Day the right time to do that??


Darrah said...

Love these photos! and i miss everyone too!

mark lawrence said...

That’s quite interesting! Thanks for these details! I am searching for upcoming art events. My daughter wants to participate in them and hoping to take her to local event venue. She really likes art and craft, so trying to gauge her interest.