Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mt. Baker

Here are some belated photos from our weekend in late January with Jeff's cousin and his family who live in Vancouver, BC. We rented a house, went sledding, drank cocoa and cocktails and generally had a fantastic time. These photos only show the fun part, which started at about 9pm on Friday. We weren't really into photographing the events of the drive north because Jeff, Edie, and I almost murdered each other during the drive. It was pitch black, raining hard, foggy, and my cell phone lost reception with the directions on it, we couldn't get the gated community to open their gate and let us in, and a particular 5 year old was in level 11 whine-mode. It was almost as if she had no idea of the peril her life was in because for sure Jeff almost pulled over so that we could all drink some poison kool aid and just end it all. Instead we persevered, drank multiple cocktails upon arrival and everything got better.

This is the second time on the trip I almost died (the first being the car ride to the cabin). Instead I just got a face full of snow:

Post-sledding hot cocoa for the kids:
Sidecars for the adults:

The view from the sledding site:

A quick nature stop on our way home:


lindsey. said...

I was laughing so hard over the car ride up that I almost didn't make it through the rest of the post. You are hilarious.

Laura said...

Wow, pretty scenary; where was the sledding event?
and the car ride to Canada brought back memories of you and your cousin Sarah, singing Michael Jackson song (off key, I'm sure!) the entire way to Whistler one week end. :)

sandralbruton said...

Yum...cocoa and cocktails.