Friday, January 30, 2015


Sorry friends, but I've lost that writing feeling. We also revamped our photo system on our phones and it's taking me a while to adjust so that I can upload photos again to the blog. Also, Edie had strep throat for a week. And! I wrote a long post about my childhood mishaps and the only person who commented was MY MOM…. which further coaxed me into my current writing slump. So no funny essays about me passing gas during Silent Sustained Reading for you. Perhaps my elementary school essay was a bit too self indulgent, so I think I'll hold off and instead obsess over my upcoming Culver Girls weekend in LA. Edie and I leave a week from today for our annual Katherine visit and I'm kind of maybe thinking that a day at Disneyland just might be in our future.  

I still intend to post some photos from Christmas, Jeff and I had a grown ups only weekend in Portland that I might write about one day, and we also spent a weekend at Mount Baker with family and I have photos from our sledding adventures that I'd like to document for posterity. In the meantime, a few randoms from the last month:


lindsey. said...

I understand. No one comments on my blog either. Or at least not too often. This bothered me for a bit but then I thought about why I was blogging. Although I certainly started as a comment-seeker, I now do it as more of a family journal. It's really for Marina ultimately. Anyway, that's just my thoughts but I really do understand not feeling motivated. Please know that I check your blog at least once a day and enjoy it very much!

Laura said...

We love your blog, Jill !
Edie's hair is getting so long and so pretty.