Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Trick or treat

Edie dressed as Elsa from the movie Frozen for school on Friday. She wore her dress made by aunt Kathleen, they had a parade and a party and she had a blast. But I was in Portland for meetings that morning and didn't get home on the train until 4pm that day so I don't have photos to prove it. For trick or treating, Edie got a bee in her bonnet to dress as a lemur (after seeing the Imax film this summer - Island of Lemurs: Madagascar).

My little ring tailed lemur:

I semi-homemade this costume by using a grey fuzzy hoody (with the perfect white belly already built-in). Then I added the white fur trim on the hood/hears and ordered a lemur tail from Etsy.

We met up with her old preschool buddy (who is now in kindergarten) who lives up the street for trick or treating. Her friend Elana was Word Girl - which will only mean something to people with children who watch PBS. Trick or treating in the daytime is not exciting or nostalgic for me, so we head out after dinner and while it makes for terrible photos, it makes for the best memories for me. Our neighborhood is super old school on Halloween and the streets are filled with gaggles of kids with hoards of friendly parents tagging along behind. The Dads are all drinking out of thermoses and holding the leashes of dogs in costume, and the Moms are all yelling, "DID YOU SAY THANK YOU??!!" from the curb while the littles try to walk into people's houses and the friendly neighbors hand out candy and wave to the parents on the sidewalk.

Assessing her haul before bedtime:
The rain held off until the very end when it started dumping and I became the ultimate fair weather trick or treater. All in all though, it was another fun Halloween for the family. 
Next year, Edie has decided that all three of us are going to dress up as zombies.


sandralbruton said...

Zombies!? I can hardly wait!
Love the Lemur from behind walking down the sidewalk.

lindsey. said...

That lemur costume is so far beyond fabulous that I don't even know what to say. So clever and original and adorable. Edie is like her own brand of indie and I just love it. I like the nighttime trick or treat pics too, of the kids up at the door while you wait on the sidewalk.