Monday, July 21, 2014

June Photo Dump

Installing fancy wood paneling in our dining room. Seen here is Edie helping Jeff paint primer:

I babysat this joker (aka Henry) one day mid June so we're BFFs now:
We've spent much of the summer thus far scooting about town:

My cousin Sarah visited with her girls from Alaska and the whole family got together for a Zoo day. Seen here is my brother, niece Caroline and Edie watching a peacock freak out in the penguin area:
My cousin Sarah and I:

One day in June Edie and I walked out the front door to find this dog pulling up in a motorcycle sidecar, wearing vintage goggles and a red satin cape. So, there was that.
June brought even more birthday parties for Edie (seen here second-in, on the right side):
Then there was that day I flew to Virginia for 36 hours (work). It was hot, but pretty:

Edie and I spent a few days in Bellingham visiting my parents and eating giant cream puffs in tiaras. As one does:
We spent a weekend on Orcas with Jeff's parents:

Where we made smore's cupcakes that I loved but Jeff was unimpressed with. Which just goes to show that he is crazy. Because, dude:
Edie is taking ballet again this summer. My work schedule is slow in the summer so I signed her up for a 9-week class with Darrah and pick Edie up early on Mondays for a 4pm class (Edie is on the far left - i.e.; the smallest):
And then there was the time Edie asked to wear her robe and a towel turban and posed like this:


lindsey. said...

Oh my goodness. E in the robe and towel turban. I'M DYING.

In other news, what did you two possibly do for entertainment per-Edie Bee?

sandralbruton said...

Edie looks so delighted to be at the birthday table. Charming!
Henry is sooo cute.
Great photo dump btw!

Darrah said...

I am also dying about Edie in her robe and turban, that is really a gem.

Laura said...

loved the towel turban pose!!!
and the photo of you and Sarah is a great one!