Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

Literally none of my photos are capturing Edie accurately lately and Halloween is no exception. She will be busy looking adorable and then as soon as my camera comes out she either hides, becomes a sullen teenager, or does her weird smile that renders all photos terrible. Halloween night was seriously fun and here are the photos that don't really prove it, but are cute nonetheless. Pre Trick or Treating:

Super pumped:

And sassy:

Doing ballet:

First house/next door neighbors):
Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween and it's pretty fabulous. For whatever reason, people actually drive from fancier neighborhoods to trick or treat in ours. You run into all your neighbors and there are groups of young kids with clusters of parents crossing your path at every stop. It's just like I remember from my childhood and I'm so grateful not to have to do mall trick or treating because barf. I was literally running to keep up with Edie all night, but paused for one second while Edie and her crew were walking down this lit path to get to the side door of this house. They had strung ghosts and posed a spooky princess outside so as not to be overlooked:

At the end of the night when all the other families were heading home, we back-tracked to the decked out house Edie had spotted earlier in the week. It was lit green with a smoke machine and scary noises. Edie ventured up by herself and after getting a packet of Cheez-its from the super friendly tech nerd that lived there, she informed him that, "you have the spookiest house." He seemed pretty pleased with the praise. Here she is contemplating going up alone:
Another house, just across the street (that's Edie up there at the door):
For our final house, we stopped by Edie's babysitter, who lives directly across the street from us. She was giving out candy in costume and it was a perfect end to the night:

Then she was ridiculously thirsty and literally drank 2 of these full glasses before going to bed. We just won't mention the giant meltdown she had at midnight when she woke to pee. It's better for everyone that way. We also don't need to go into detail about the screaming fit she had immediately after waking the next morning when I told her she couldn't have candy for breakfast. 
Candy hangovers are the worst, man.

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