Saturday, April 13, 2013

Easter Wedding

Photos from my cousin Lisa's Easter weekend wedding:

My brother and cousin Sarah
 Lisa and Ed - the bride and groom:
 My Mom with my niece Caroline:

 My Mom, Sister in law and me with Caroline:

I told Jeff not to wear a tie (he loves wearing ties) because the wedding would be too informal. The first thing my uncle Ross said to Jeff - "What - no tie??"

 An old tradition with our families of seeing who is taller. It was close but I think Lisa might be a half inch taller than me.

 The cake:

The BBQ Dinner:
 I love these next ones for many reasons, but mostly because no one else noticed this private photo shoot Jeff had with my uncle Ross:

 Edie with her "cousin" Hannah (my cousin's daughter):

Looking back up at the party from outside:

My parents!
 Fun with shadows:

 Dance party:

 Father daughter dance:

 The three girls playing outside:


Laura said...

Wonderful photos, Jill and Jeff !!!
Thanks for sharing some of them. Fun Fun time!
xoxo Aunt Laura

lindsey. said...

What is this venue? I love it. I love the pic of Jeff dipping Edie on the dance floor and I really love the pic looking out at the girls on the grass from the window. Awesome.

Tib said...

these moments balance out the sleepless nights and mopey posts. the grand adventure of life.

my fav is the secret photo shoot. well that and the shadow fun photos. Jeff is my kind of photographer.

sandralbruton said...

your photos captured the event perfectly! but please share more if you got 'em.
Also...where is this photo of you wrapped in a green garden hose?!