Thursday, January 17, 2013


Our niece, Caroline Jean Bruton was born at 1:12am this morning. (Caroline was my paternal Grandmother's name - one I contemplated for Edie as well). She weighs 8 pounds and 10 ounces. Seeing as they are already home from the birth center, and her labor was less than 12 hours, I'm guessing her labor went according to plan - at least to the degree that something like labor can

We can't wait to meet her - hoping to nose our way into her life today or tomorrow - pending my brother and sister-in-law's approval.


Rachel said...

Congrats! I will have to let my sister know. I know she and your brother were good friends.

lindsey. said...

Wonderful news! I love the name and am so happy that it seems the birth must have gone mostly according to plan. Edie is going to be the most awesome older cousin Caroline has ever seen.

Laura said...

She's BEAUTIFUL !!! she must take after her mom..... :)

heidio said... sweet! Congrats Aunt Jill and Scott and Emily. So wonderful!

Tib said...

Yay for Cappies! Congrats to one and all~