Monday, August 20, 2012

Amy's Bridal Shower

At long last, here are photos from Amy's bridal shower that we hosted in my backyard last month. Kristin and I were the official "hosts" that day, but everyone helped so much that it was really a team effort. And despite the less than summery weather, the rain held off until later that night and we managed to still have the entire affair outdoors! As you can see, the theme was circus.

The beverage and pie station.
The lunch table.

We made boxed lunches for each guest: curry chicken salad sandwiches, mason jars filled with corn salad, potato chips in baggies and animal cookies.  Fruit and veggies were served family style at the table.
Kristin MADE this game called "Chuck a Bob", named after Amy and Dave's dog Bob. We hung photos of Dave and Amy from the last 10 years, many morphed to look like fun mirrors from the circus.

Kristin photoshopped a circus hat onto Bob, printed them on fabric, and then SEWED beanbags for us to toss.
Heidi was the "Chuck a Bob" champion. She won a gift certificate to Whole Foods.  I was jealous. Of her win and this awesome photo.
The table again:

And ps - Heidi sewed the bunting banner.

Double PS: Katherine made these letters.

Triple PS: We each (Darrah, Katherine, Heidi and myself) each baked a pie for the unofficial pie contest that Amy judged and awarded ribbons for. Quadruple PS: I won.

Klown Kie Lime.
Circus cherry.
Big Top Blueberry.
Peewee peach.
Mustaches are still funny.

Still funny.

And so are clown noses.  Which we put in each box lunch.

The second circus game was another brainchild of Kristin Johnson. It involved using creepy punchy dolls (that Kristin used to collect and still has) to knock down an assortment of weird trinkets in this crate. Winner went to the puncher with the best time.  I'm still smarting from the fact that my score was recorded as "FAIL!" because I couldn't knock that stupid frog down and instead just kept punching his face while he slammed into the back of the crate over and over.  I believe others who struggled similarly were recorded as "DQ'd" but my score remained a FAIL.

We also banded together and hired Sheila the Psychic.  She read palms, did numerology for each guest and brought some hippy native american tarot cards that I didn't really understand (or like), but maybe that's because I kept pulling weird animals like otter while other people kept pulling cards that meant they would get their heart's desire. It was fun though.

And I liked it when she had us burn "wish papers" for Amy.  The photo isn't super clear, but when you touch the paper to the flame (after making your wish for Amy) it flashes in a quick flame that disappears and floats away at the same time.

The end


Amy Ware said...

It was the best shower ever. Thanks for all your hard work!!

Chuck-a-Bob is still in our yard and the neighborhood kids have been playing with apples that are falling from our tree. : )

sandralbruton said...

It looks like a lovely party. Lucky Amy...for friends and for Dave. I laughed out loud at the photo of Heidi sipping champagne with her red nose on!

marcia said...

You ladies surely do know how to throw a memorable party!

Betsey said...

I love your party posts. And that mash up of pie on a plate - yum!