Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Orcas circa 3 weeks ago

Edie's daycare closes during the first two weeks of August every year so Jen can have a vacation. We decided to take advantage of the forced family time and spent a week on Orcas Island. The first few days were spent with Jeff's cousin Chris and his wife Beth and son Obie. They live in Vancouver BC so we don't get to see nearly enough of them. After the weekend, the cousins went home but we moved over to our cabin and stayed another 4 days.
Eating cereal post shower on our first morning.
It was sunny in the afternoons and Edie developed a MAJOR taste for swimming in the freezing ocean. She would beg for us to take off her clothes, one item at a time and then wade fearlessly in saying, "Oooh, it's chilly!" to Jeff.

Obie joined in the fun.

This was her "mermaid sash". We are VERY into mermaids right now. Like, very. When we rode in the boat that week, Edie would ask if we were going to see any mermaids. I told her that the mermaids liked to live in secret but that we could tell the seals to say hi to them for us. Which prompted a new obsession. About Secret Mermaids.
A man, a boy and a dog.

Family portrait time.

These balloons were an unexpected hit that weekend.Who's the most boring reader ever? DAD. Kidding. He literally read her to sleep for her nap one day. She's still holding her string cheese in one hand - it was actually still pressed to her mouth when she fell asleep, but her hand fell to her lap right when I went for the camera.Quesadillas with black beans and sour cream DIP. Mermaids and Dip are both pretty great in Edie's world.
This moment was so great. Jeff had taken Edie to the beach and came back with her naked and clutching a giant Eagles feather they found on the beach. Edie exclaimed (so proudly) "I found a huge feather Mom!"
Making lemon ice cream with Dad.
Eating it with blueberry pudding cake.

Yelling at Theodore, the local, half-albino deer.
This kid knows how to kill a breakfast. It's probably her favorite meal of the day. Our last bon voyage breakfast - Dad made french toast from Rose's bread.


Kristin said...

Great pictures, and tell Jeff I really like his buzz cut.

lindsey said...

This kid just gets more funny, even when that doesn't seem possible. I love the naked beach shots and her mermaid sash. Can't wait to finally meet the one and only Edie Bee next week!!! Her and Marina should be able to hold some fascinating discussions about their mutual love for dipping.

Katie Ann Brooks said...

cute pics Jill. Esp. love the ones on the beach, saggy diaper or naked, those are adorable!

Anonymous said...

butt cheeks in the fav!