Saturday, February 6, 2010

Play Group

As I mentioned yesterday, Edie and I have formed a playgroup with some other moms and babies we met through First Weeks. We've been casually getting together for a while, but decided to officially schedule Thursday gatherings from now on since most of us are now staying at home more or less full time. So that I don't have to introduce you repeatedly, let me tell you everyone's names up front -

Alison's daughter is Mae (3 days younger than Edie)
Deb's daughter is Alison (2 weeks older than E)
Tina's daughter is Emmeline or Emme (4 weeks younger than E)
Hopefully soon to join us are:
Sandra and her son Gavin who is 6 weeks older than Edie
And we have one more potential mom and son combo that we're inviting

Some fun pictures from last week's gathering at Deb's house:
Deb with Alison
Alison holding Edie and Mae
All the girls with Edie waving to me (and a giant pan of brownies behind them).
I like how it looks like Edie is listening thoughtfully to Alison's opinion on something.
Emme and her adorable cheeks.
Emmeline, Mae and Edie
Mae and Edie sharing Edie's sophie giraffe


Betsey said...

I also love how Edie is not only thoughtfully listening, but it appears that she is reaching out to put her hand on a knee for consolation.

All those babies are so adorable - I love how they are sitting in a little group - like a little ladies club!

Lindsey said...

I love these pictures! I am really glad that you have found this group of moms. Wish I was there to join in.